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Sigma valance units are setting the industry standard. Our Valance design allows for innovative enclosure designs for the architect, while accommodating popular options like independent drain pans for easy maintenance.

Sigma valance units are extremely energy efficient. Fan energy often accounts for over 30% of the total energy in an air conditioning system; the Sigma valance unit takes advantage of natural convection and eliminates the need for a fan.

The Sigma Valance unit comes with an optional independent drain pan. This allows for condensate to properly and efficiently drain without using the outer cover. Multiple drain pans can be cascaded in series to extend the drainage system. The Sigma drain pan is designed to factory-set the slope. The contractor just hangs the drain pan, using a slot system to slope the drain. Since the drain pan is independent, the exterior enclosure is not sloped. This means that the enclosure will fit better, while still allowing aesthetic considerations, such as custom shapes and profiles.

Sigma prides itself on being a custom supplier of enclosure covers. We continue this tradition in the design of our Valance Unit outer covers. The covers are removable and lockable (if required), installed to include a lever that eliminates the concern of the cover inadvertently coming off the rail, while also being easy to remove for maintenance workers.

The coils are designed with rails that support the enclosure covers. Insulation barriers to insure that the rail of the coil does not conduct cold temperatures to the outer-rail. This will prevent the outer-rail from having condensate on it.